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Readers Respond: Valentines for Members of the Autism Community

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Updated February 09, 2010

Do you love someone on the autism spectrum? How about someone who cares for a person on the autism spectrum? Either way, express your love and appreciation right here!

Our little Angels

Your article really defines these precious little angels. I have to thank my son for making me a better man; thanks to him I have a new appreciation for life and see things in a different way. Yes we have been through really tough times and have along way ahead of us but his precious little smile gives me the strength to keep going no matter how tired I may be or what challenges may lay ahead.
—Guest Enrique

My students

I am a special educator at a middle school. I have 5 students, 4 of which are on the spectrum. My days are truly challenging, but without the unconditional love I receive from my students I could not do this. The biggest component is the parents who put in such hard work everyday to continue to help their children grow and develop. If it weren't for the parents my job would be so much harder. I love and want the best for all of my students.
—Guest Tania

Mycah Is So Precious!

Mycah.....my precious daughter; You represent the kind of love in our lives that is perfect to celebrate on Valentine's Day and every day of the year. You truly are a precious girl. And while your cerebral palsy and autism present many challenges, the person you are has been developed with those challenges and we love you EXACTLY as you are! I wish you could see yourself through God's eyes, through my eyes, through your Dad's eyes or through the eyes of any number of people who love you and see how amazing you truly are. You are loved more than you know....on Valentine's Day and always! Love, Mom
—Guest Tami

Valentine for my family.

Brandon is my sweet little boy who happens to have autism. He fills our home with joy and excitement. Our family works as a team for him , but also for each other. We all love each other's strengths and help out with weaknesses. We are a team. I am truly blessed to have so much love in my life. Today Brandon came home and said he had the best day ever.(on feb 14) He did not tell me more, he can't. But we celebrate these good days with him. I hope all have a good valentine's day.
—Guest Lisa B

Little Buddy

To my little Tommy boy. I love you with all my heart, and I wouldn't trade you or all of our tough times for anything. You have taught me unselfish love. I love you. Mama
—Guest Patty H.

Thank You!

I read the Autism guide's post about the positive qualities of an autistic person, and I just stumbled upon this page. I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful experience! As for my valentine, my little sister Wendy is the most adorable little sister anyone could ask for! She is now an adult, but she will always be the center of attention in our house. I am also autistic, so I know how she feels most of the time.
—Guest Joseph D. Smith

Other traits of Autism

there is a certain type of autism that exhibit the traits you describe...I have a neice that has some of more distructive traits, manipulation, reverse communication, repititive behaviors and a few others that are not pleasant and hurt others...unfortunately she is also high funtioning and an adult and unwilling to look at here autism and get the help see needs...please remember autism has five or more types and many more traits then are even currantly known.
—Guest PassionsGate


I enjoy watching you grow more and more each day. Love, Your big sister Katatrina
—Guest Katarina

My son's gift's.....

my son has the memory of a savant. He is incapable of lying or being cruel and he loves his family and friends unconditionally..He was truly a gift from God. It has taken many years(he is now 18) for all of his qualities to become apparent, but in those 18 years, he has never regressed and is always happy to live another day.
—Guest Cathy Agnello

Aaron Loy

i have my son Aaron, i always see him as an angel from heaven sent by god....i love him very much forever and ever....
—Guest joy


Through a marriage, I inherited the love of my life..Demi is 6 yrs old and her 2nd birthday party was 2 months after i married her "nana". So, I have known and loved her for 4 yrs,... she would rather be with me than anyone, because I give her my undivided attention. What a blessing that is for me. Demi is easily entertained, and is almost always very happy.. If she does something that hurts someone somehow,...physically, and always by accident,... she feels horrible and needs reassurance that it was not hr fault. After she has that assurance, she is very happy again, and ready to move on. I almost envy her, sometimes. I have never visited a website re: autism before,...so I don't know if I am doing this right or not, and wish I had someone with experience that I could chat with about this. If there was a place locally that I could volunteer to work with these kids, I probably would. I think I would be good at it. Anyone care to chat occasionally about all this? would love some input..
—Guest marvin

To Know You is To Love You

Autism touches my life every day in the form of a child. My life is richer because I know the truth... life IS a gift, and I get to open it and savor it with someone special every day. This is for Billy, the most wondrous person in my life. I love you, and I wouldn't change a thing. To everyone reading this... there is hope, and it starts with YOU.
—Guest Kimberly


Our house hold maybe alittle crazy,and sometimes I find it hard for myself to stay calm ..but my son kerry and daughter ava will challenge me everyday with autism. I dedicate my life and love to learning from my children. They will continue to teach me patience along with emotions w/o words. I love them endlessly. Love your mom, Elaine
—Guest elaine butters

To know one is to love one

My wife and I "took on" a young adult girl a few years back, more or less adopting her. She had been diagnosed with "panic disorder" but we have since discovered she is Autistic (or Aspergers). She is all the things on the list you mentioned and more. She is the joy of our life and causes us both to be better people on a daily basis. I do not think I truly knew love until I loved her... she is my Crystal.
—Guest Kevin M

for Travis

I Love You little man even thou you do not understand the holidays yet I wanted to send you my love on valentines day love mom

Valentines for Peyton

I love my daughter, Peyton with all my heart and soul! She is my world!
—Guest Danielle Martin


I do love my own 8 years'old daughter, she is a child with autism. I do live in the france
—Guest elfanhyr

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