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What Are the Symptoms of Autism?

Your child isn't talking -- yet.  Does that mean he's autistic?  Your sister seems unable to make friends.  Is that a sign of autism?  Here's what autism does -- and doesn't -- look like.

Get to Know the Signs and Symptoms of Autism
Autism Spectrum Disorders Spotlight10

What Is an Autistic Meltdown?

What is an autistic meltdown? It's not quite the same thing as an ordinary temper tantrum. Learn about warning signals and how to interpret them.

Stop Learning About Autism!

Yes, it is possible to learn too much about autism. To avoid burnout, take these suggestions!

Are You Letting Autism Ruin Your Marriage?

There are many reasons why autism can put strain on a marriage. Do any of these reasons sound familiar to you?

How to Avoid Autistic Meltdowns

Autistic meltdowns can be upsetting to everyone -- including the child with autism. Here are some tips for actually preventing those meltdowns from happening.

Should We Move to Find Better Autism Resources?

Many families think about moving to find better services and resources for an autistic child. Is it worth considering a move? Here are some tools to help you make that decision.

Should I Quit My Job to Help My Autistic Child?

Should you quit your job to care for your autistic child? The answer depends upon many factors -- including you!

Explore Sensory Integration Therapy Through SPD University

Sensory Processing Disorder is now a formal part of the criteria for autism, and SPD University offers a huge range of resources for learning about and getting started with sensory therapies.

Tools to Help You Become Your Child's Autism Therapist

Yes, parents CAN become their child's autism therapist -- though it does take time, money, and (ideally) at least a little professional help to get started. Learn more about what's available and how to take advantage of online training options.

What is Person Centered Life Mapping?

Life Mapping with a special twist can be a terrific tool for putting young adults with autism in the position of planning their own futures.l;io

Exploring Autism-Related Career Options

Talk about a growing field! The number of people with autism diagnoses has exploded, as have opportunities in the field.

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