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Readers Respond: What Have You Learned From Your Autistic Child?

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Updated January 29, 2010

It's tough to bring up an autistic child, but many parents find that there are benefits too. What have you learned from your autistic child? Share your discoveries and insights!

I learned that cell phones don't float

and that when rice crispies are twirled into yogurt and left over night it hardens quite nicely. I learned how to stare down idiots in public who watch me and my son, as he flaps or has a meltdown. I learned not to get upset when some well meaning person asks me what my son's special talent is.
—Guest sally

little angel

we have three children ,and the youngest diagnosed as Autistic,with mild retardation and Hyperactive child.at the age of three all the words has gone ,no communication and eye contact.but God always find the way,reading friday magazine gives me an idea about autism.now she's 14,and one thing that brighten our day is her Top in our shoulder when ever we feels lonely,shes making us smile and if we cried she kissed and hug us.they are adorable and always show their love true gestures.thanks be to God.
—Guest muchi

The windows of the soul.

Maybe you have heard that the eyes are the windows of the soul. I can see through the eyes of my 15 years old autistic son that his soul is beautiful.
—Guest Teresa

Enjoying Life More

My home is always in turmoil. The boys are into everything. All three of my boys are diagnosed with mild autism. They have taught me plenty, from being patient to opening my eyes to other ways of communications. I am very thankful for my boys and though they can't do the normal everyday things that a 4, 7, & 8 year old can that can always put a smile on my face. Like when I have a bad day at work, I get home & their faces light up as I walk threw the door. I do have to take hugs and kisses, but at times out of nowhere they come over and give them and those moments I will always treasure. Even with all the chaos in the home, I believe that they have taught me to slow down and be happy with what u have; cause, I see that they can be happy with just about anything as long as we're together.

Never Give Up

My son lost all his speech when he regressed at age two. Now he is 19 and he talks constantly. He still reverses pronouns, but can communicate pretty well otherwise. He has become a great prayer warrior. He prays outloud anywhere he pleases, for things like jobs and the economy, to getting off his GFCFSFSF diet. He has come so far in his journey and brought so much pure joy along the way. Be thankful for the lessons these kids can teach. God has a purpose for each one. It is seen in how they affect others. God Bless
—Guest Clinging to Faith

What LOVE looks like!

As a teen I ate romance books for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have watched every love movie ever made. I knew, before I had kids, what love looked like, smelled like and acted like. And then I had Seth. He never wanted me to hold him. He despised hugs and kisses, and even though he talked, almost from the womb, he wouldn't say those 3 little words. I cried, not knowing why he couldn't love me, and I felt like he was a stranger in our home. I was devastated. But, as I learned about his abilities and how others also react to touching, intimacy and eye contact, I realized that he COULDN'T do all the things that I knew meant love, but he would always want to show me his drawings first. He would always 'yell' at me when he was mad at someone else. He would always keep me in his line of sight, or within hearing distance. He saves all the BIG questions for me (even if I can't answer them.) He has shown me love in so many ways that I never would have known had I not had him in my life.

Share experience about my Autism son

My son is 18 years old. He is very quiet, he doesn't talk. He always tried to please everyone. He is unable to answer the question but he always observe and he never missing anything going on around him and then he has only one way to communicate is to show his feeling by his eyes, his face and some time he speak a coulpe word.
—Guest Trinity


what can't you learn from my 39 year old autistic son? He knows more facts than a trivial pursuit game and can fix a computer over the phone. Every fact he learned in school is still in his head and very helpful when I do the crossword. Sure, he only eats about 10 things and has never been on a date, but what a joy to have around! He has a great computer job and lives alone with just a little help from family. 39 years ago, no one knew what autism was, what to do with him and still believed Moms caused it because they were "cold". Justin is great and a joy for our family and is loved alot and teaches us everyday that you don't have to be like everyone else!!
—Guest bubbas mom

You don't sweat the small stuff

The house is chaos. noisy etc but I wouldnt have it any other way. My autistic son has brothers and a sister that adore him. It has brought the family closer together. I have had to become an expert on the computer as he is always doing something to it!I learned not to buy pink nintendos as it may get put in the paddling pool(he didn't like the colour). As you can see I have had to develop a sense of humor and it serves me well when he is flooding the bathroom or throwing cereal as he is upset.
—Guest notdoingtheohousework

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