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Readers Respond: Tips for Including a Child With Autism in Religious Education, Services

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Updated August 20, 2009

Is your autistic child included in religious education or services? How did you make it happen? Share Your Tips

My child

I involved my son by taking him regularly to church meetings since he was 3 weeks old, and we still go. He is now almost 4 and doing great. We have taught him that during the service he is reverent. We also take a straw sippy cup and a snack for the first meeting we have too. We also give him things to do like coloring, (well not so much) but activities that are quiet, like folder games and books. We also have talked to his Sunday School teacher and they have been really receptive and cooperative with us in helping him be his best.
—Guest Cindy

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Tips for Including a Child With Autism in Religious Education, Services

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