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Strength to Help Your Child

Share Your Story: Autism and Depression: How Do You Cope?

By gyerena@Yahoo.com

Updated July 10, 2010

What Was It That Caused Your Depression

My depression came after i knew my little girl would never be a normal little girl. When i did research on autism., it drained me completely because there was no cure for autism and her brain is different than other children's brain., plus i had no money to pay for her services and the regional center said they had no funding due to budget cuts.

How Did You Get Past Depression to Help Your Child

One day i was talking to my sisters and after the emotional talk., i picked myself up and looked at my daughter., and said to myself., no one will help my daughter, but she has me and i have to start helping her by being her teacher, speech therapist, occupational therapist, and etc. I have to be strong and i will not give up on her, fact is she has autism and she can learn.


  • I stll go thru my ups and downs when i see typical children talking and playing, but being depressed will not help your child in any way you have to go out to the library and the beach in order to concentrate on your mission to help your child.

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