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Reader Stories: Autism and Depression: How Do You Cope?


Updated April 09, 2011

For parents with a child diagnosed with autism, depression is common. Depression can be the result of guilt, exhaustion, isolation, financial issues, or even despair. Are you a parent who has coped with depression related to a child's autism? What set off your depression? How did you cope?

It's Worth It

I charged myself to find one thing every day that my son and I both enjoyed doing together... Even if it's not therapeutic or direct teaching, it's about the engagement. Right now we both love runnin…More

Look Beyond Yourself to See Your Child

Everything had been blamed on the Asperger's. No one even thought about the impact the PTSD was having. Getting out on my own (granted it was in an somewhat assisted living situation) it was changed …More

Spouse Versus Autistic Child


Autism and Depression: Sharing Feelings can Make All the Difference

To get past my depression, I post my feelings in my facebook account and my friends gave me advices. I even have one friend who has an autistic child also. we share experiences, pains and fears. But …More

Strength to Help Your Child

One day i was talking to my sisters and after the emotional talk., i picked myself up and looked at my daughter., and said to myself., no one will help my daughter, but she has me and i have to start…More

Coping with an Autistic Son's Depression

1. Regular appointments with my psychiatrist, who kept adjusting my medications until we found the right combination, which made a dramatic difference.2. A friend organized a support team from my chu…More

Have Faith in Your Child with Autism

Today, watching my son, I am able to see that it's the way he is happy. His autism doesn't cause him pain, and I don't want to judge my son based on the reactions of the people around him. My son is …More

To Battle Depression, Ask for Help

I battled depression by riding my motorcycle, listening to my favorite music, and just getting in the car and driving - alone.I still have to make time to get alone. If I spend enough time alone, I f…More

Get Into the Community

I went to psychiatrist and psychologist, which both of them are my friends. But I didn't take any prescription.From he was 3 years - 11 years old, I went anywhere with my son, give him experience in …More

Have Faith, Pick Your Battles

I faithfully take a daily antidepressant. When I start to feel like I have more than I can handle and start to feel hopeless and out of control, I will see a counselor to help me put things into pers…More

Looking at the Bigger Picture

What did help, was a specific meditation session, where I came to understand our lives in a long range perspective. I came to believe that she and I had bonds from prior lifetimes, and that she had r…More

Focus on Helping Your Child

In the beginning, I was reading everything and listening to everything on the topic. I was purchasing and reading books, talking to specialists, other people who were going through something similar,…More

Autism and Depression: First, Build Self Esteem

I havent. Im in couseling but again, unless you have it, who can understand? Im still trying to find someone for my son to talk to. I dont trust people anymore. They expect the worse from you. Unfort…More

There's No One to Blame

Just moving forward with early intevention. (although 2 hours a week was just not cutting it.) We were lucky enough for a place at a special needs school where all children with various disabilities …More

I Focused on My Child

I got past depression when I tried to focus on what my child could do and not on her shortcomings and weaknesses. I realized that if I wanted to help my child and do what was in her best interest, I …More

You Are Not Alone

When I was alone, (which is very rare), because I have four kids, I cried very loud and cried and cried. Then the feelings of sadness stayed. I got BUSY. First I joined an autism society group where …More

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