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What Is Asperger Syndrome?


Updated July 06, 2008

Definition: Rediscovered as a diagnosis in the 1980's, Asperger Syndrome is at the high end of the autism spectrum. Individuals with Asperger Syndrome may be very bright and capable, but may also have serious difficulties with social interaction, or have unusually low tolerance for loud noise, bright lights, crowds, etc. Because it is relatively mild, Asperger Syndrome is often diagnosed in older children and even adults. It is sometimes called the "Little Professor Syndrome" or "Geek Syndrome."
Pronunciation: ahs-perg-er sin-drom
Also Known As: Asperger's Syndrome, AS, Little Professor Syndrome, Geek Syndrome
Alternate Spellings: Asperger's Syndrome
I suspected my daughter had Asperger Syndrome because she had such a tough time figuring out how to make and keep friends.
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