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Adults Newly Diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

These days, many adults are receiving autism diagnoses for the first time. What does it mean to be - or support - an adult with autism? Here are some resources to start your journey.

What Treatments Are Available for Adults with Asperger Syndrome?
What happens after an adult is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome? What treatments are available - and what do they do?

How Can I Handle Marriage to an Autistic Spouse?
What's it like to be married to a person on the autism spectrum? One reader's husband was recently diagnosed on the spectrum. Drs. Bob Naseef and Cindy Ariel offer advice and insight on coming to terms with the diagnosis -- and with the behaviors that come along with autism.

How Do I Parent an Adult Child with Aspergers?
Asperger Syndrome doesn't disappear when a child grows up. But adults with Aspergers are...adults. How can (or should) a parent intervene when an adult child with Aspergers seems to be headed for trouble? Kate Goldfield, a young adult with Asperger Syndrome, offers insights and ideas.

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