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Readers Respond: Do You Believe Vaccines Cause Autism?

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Updated April 09, 2011

From the article: Do Vaccines Cause Autism
Despite assurances from a huge majority of the research and medical communities, many people believe that vaccines are a major cause of autism. Where do you stand on this controversy? Why?

Correlation is not the same as Causation

Are most children with Autism Spectrum Disorders vaccinated in the US - yes. But that doesn't mean it's the cause. My favorite example is below: Example 3 As ice cream sales increase, the rate of drowning deaths increases sharply. Therefore, ice cream causes drowning. The aforementioned example fails to recognize the importance of time in relationship to ice cream sales. Ice cream is sold during the summer months at a much greater rate, and it is during the summer months that people are more likely to engage in activities involving water, such as swimming. The increased drowning deaths are simply caused by more exposure to water based activities, not ice cream. The stated conclusion is false.
—Guest Amy C.

Of course not

Every verifiable study since the original found absolutely no link between autism and vaccinations. No amount of anecdotal evidence will change this fact. How many of you were around when Polio killed so many children in America?
—Guest Phange

i believe

i believe there is a link between vaccinations & autism. My son & nephew both changed after getting shots. Medical world wont admit for fear of lawsuits. I do not think all are affected & we should research if those w/ a certain gene are more likely to have this life-long reaction to the shot.
—Guest cathy

lots of studies show.... YES

I'm a mother of 2 boys on the spectrum. they both have Aspergers. Of course they are both total opposites of each other. But I have done my own research online and with other doctors' research, I have come to the conclusion that YES they do cause autism. Dr. Montgomery (doctor for the dept. of Defense) said "Vaccines do not CAUSE autism, but I believe it DOES TRIGGER it" He went on to tell me they CANNOT find the "genetic link AT ALL" which leaves environmental factors. NONE of the environmental factors that each family has come in contact with will the same as the next family. The only thing we all have in common is VACCINES. I have set through web siminars of different doctors and chemists who have explained how DEADLY and POTENT Thimerosal is and what it does to the brain of a child who lacks the ability to expell that form of mercury from their little bodies. Which still leaves the fact our babies bodies were NOT designed to have chemicals pumped into it and still be functioning ok

"The nightmare of our children"

Yes, from the sincereness of my heart Iknow that autism is linked to the vacine.I have a serverly autistic son at 18 yrs that has a mind of a 2yr old and emotions,does'n't talk and has to been shown how to do everday things.He is now residing in a group home in nj for his disabilty and is very slowly learning.At 15 months is when he recieved a whole slew of vacines in one shot and after that he was never again that bright bubbly baby boy.Never said any words again was so far behind his fine motar skills.At three he was dianoise as severely autistic.What is ironic is why did the us gov't alow the drug companies to put the peservative in childrens vacineswhich was mercury base had took this same preservative out of the us milatary and gave it our children and given the same vacines to third world countries and now they have autism.Even my son doctor denies that vacines do not cause autism but i have living proof and could they truely feel the devastating pain of parent
—Guest Amy Nakatsuji

Joel H.

No. If vaccines caused autism, there would be many more autistic children than there are now. A small number of children may react badly to a vaccine, but that is a far cry from saying that the vaccine causes autism. That generalization suggests that every child who is vaccinated would become autistic, and that surely doesn't happen.
—Guest Joel H.


I do not believe this at all. It is just easier to find something to blame for why little Johnny/Jane is autistic. My son has Asperger's; we lived around a huge lake that has mercury poisoning that is being cleaned up by a gov't superfund during my pregnancy and his first 4 years of life. I don't believe vaccines had anything to do with his autism, but, I do wonder about the mercury...... In any case, my son is a gift from God, given to me in His image. Who am I to complain. Not I. My son is a blessing, not a curse, and I thank God every day for my miracle baby.
—Guest Peggi

Vaccines and health

The problem isn't just mercury, but aluminum which kills brain cells and is responsible for Alzheimer's disease (you add to the problem when you cook with aluminum pots and pans and drink from aluminum cans) formaldeyde (called Aspartane in diet drinks) and now squalene(see Vaccine-A.com) which are in most if not all vaccines. If you check, you will learn that aluminum is used in most medications, and many processed foods, including some salts. Book: "Raising a Vaccine-Free Child: by Wendy Lydall (Amazon.com), nomorefakenews.com - where a confession of a vaccine researcher - Dr. Mark Randall - told the journalist that "The paramaceutical industry and the health authorities don't want us to know that vaccines are unsafe, untested and one of the greatest frauds of our times. If the FDA were run by honorable poeple, these vaccines would not be granted licenses. The decline in disease is due to improved living conditions, not due to vaccines."
—Guest Dhara Wood

Not exclusively...

...but involved. Besides the thimerosal link, there is the seeding of antibodies to Myelin Basic Protein (MBP) from the contamination of the measles component of the MMR shot by the MBP present in the chick embryo cells that that virus is cultured on. The body mounts an immune response to the shot & all of its components, resulting in an 'autoimmune' response to its own MBP. Result: Brain damage, on a spectrum of effects. There is also the MSG in the MMR (included as a stabilizer in live-virus vaccines). Results: (1) Some of the genes associated w/ASD code for glutamate; kids with those genes are in danger from that substance. (2) MSG lowers glutathione levels, which is the body's natural chelator for heavy metals/toxins. So especially when the MMR is given at the same time as vaccines w/thimerosal, there is danger. Also, ASD rates in the US & the UK went up around the same time that the MMR switched from using animal cells to using human diploid cells (aborted fetuses).
—Guest Stan

No studies??? Really

http://vacinfo.org/Buttram1.pdf http://vacinfo.org/Buttram2.pdf Read these. Looks like studies to me. Don't be fooled there are many studies that show vaccines are harming us. You just need to look at non-gov't backed places.
—Guest revamp the sched.

Yes, most likely

I have an auto immune diagnosis, Lupis. My first born had a severe reaction to her very first vaccine, specifically, the Pertussius. After that I would not allow any more vaccines, and her doctor agreed. My third child, at the 18 month vaccine, had a complete reversal of all developmental progress. Lost her verbal skills, developed autistic behaviors. Many evaluations, lots of specialists and special education for the next 19 years. She will never live independently. My question: why did the Bush administration allow all Pharmaceutical companies to be indemnified against any legal liability, especially for autism, if there is no real cause. Quakes like a duck. Also, the Swedish study was funded by Pharmaceutical companies. not to be trusted.

Part of the Problem

My son's skin was scarlet red when he was born. It faded after about a week. Turns out he had food issues and sensitive skin. Of course a typical allergy doctor said he has no food allergies, but he certainly has strong reactions! He had ear infections & strong dose of an antibiotic that caused a terrible bowel infection, and a schedule of multiple shots containing multiple ingredients. Sometimes a sensitive body gets more than it can handle in such a short time. When you combine environmental sensitivities, with food sensitivities, with illness, with strong medication, with multiple shots, something is going to give. Shots are the straw that broke the camel's back. I wish we had spread them out. My son was diagnosed at 2yrs 9mos. After much ABA, speech, and OT (which we continue privately) and elimination of dairy, he is a happy boy who just very successfully completed kindergarten at the top of the class(after a 1 year delay), in a regular classroom with resource support.
—Guest Michelle

No more than they cause green eyes

Neither I nor several others I know with ASD had the vaccines. I can't make a connection, because of that. Is it possible in another? Doubtful. In my case, I had both types of measles in the first few weeks of life. No vaccine was called for after having Rubella and Rubeola. I suppose they could do a study to see if Measles itself causes it, but then considering both I and my son have it, it's really hard for me to write off genetics. I'd conclude that vaccines no more cause Autism than they cause green eyes or brown hair. Most frightening is the "cure" they have for the metal in the vaccines. Chelation can kill. Add that to kids not getting vaccinated and having to go through measles, and I feel the whole thing is horribly irresponsible, if not life threatening, and that those who started this idea are playing on the emotions of frightened parents. I feel it was a criminal act, immoral and far from in the interest of the care of children in general. I'm appaulled.


i believe vaccines are responsible for autism.too many vaccines, given too early,compromises an immune system that is not fully matured.
—Guest james

MMR triggered Autism in my son

Within 2 hours after the MMR my son's temp was 105. Within 2 days he couldn't hold his head up straight. Within 2 weeks he couldn't talk. He didn't talk for the next 2 1/2 years. Thimerasol, from previous vaccines, set the stage for the MMR. From 2001 - 2008 our family struggled in every way imaginable. Today, my son is mercury-free and we have our lives back. Our full story is here: http://autismwithrhonda.com/our-autism-story/ There IS hope. There ARE answers. We CAN help our children.

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