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Readers Respond: Is Your Child with Autism a Picky Eater?

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Updated July 21, 2010

Is your child with autism a picky eater? What does he eat or choose not to eat? How have you coped?

choose your battles

My aspie son's a very picky eater; he usually has one 'favorite' food that's all he wants to eat for months at a time. We basically just go with this; let him eat what he wants and save our energy for other battles. BUT we do have rules: he has to be getting enough calories from whatever it is, he has to take a multi-vitamin & a fiber tablet daily, and he has to supplement his favorites with other things necessary for good health. (eg. his current favorite is packaged snack crackers; he can have those for dinner but only if he first eats some cheese or nuts for protein and two servings of "plant-based foods" like banana or apple. We've found that as he's gotten older this approach allows him to learn more about good eating habits & also feel in control of his choices, both of which result in better nutrition.
—Guest Ian

food for thought

texture, temp and taste are factors in an autism diedt....My son prefered repition and more of it....I cooked just for him the same thing over and over again....he eats like a sparrow and gallops around between meals and during meals....My little humming bird...but I did not give up and kept on with what he liked...I tried many things to increase calories and increase nutrition but bless his heart he refused new additions to his already consisten diet....it is a real challenge!
—Guest Mary

I Never Knew

I would never thought that my child could be autistic. She has yet to be diagnosed and I fear that day. I don't want anyone to stigmitize my beautiful, smart girl. I use to think that shes just a picky eater, shes just not a social person (like her Dad), and she is just unusually stubborn. Then today my daughters Early childhood teacher sent a not home saying that my daughter refuses to use the potty (she is four years old). It has been severly difficult to potty train her. They want her to come to school with a pull up on now. They are the ones wanting her to be tested for autism. I feel so devastated and defeated. I just don't want people to judge her and make obstacles for her to overcome.
—Guest Susan Thomas


Yes, my son is a very picky eater! Things he loves or cannot tolerate change with the month. Adverse reactions of forced consumption are bad. Sometimes you can get him to eat a little more, but not usually. However, he has never found a pie he does not like yet!!! I have a pie buddy!
—Guest Karl

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