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A Baby Too Good to Be True

Share Your Story: When Your Child Was Diagnosed with Autism

By daveinautismland

Updated January 04, 2010

What Made You Seek an Autism Evaluation for Your Child?

He was to good of a baby/toddler, never cried,fussed,no eye contact, happy and content being,didnt seek out us.No lanuage

Mike born 1991,evaluation in 1993, younger sib(6mthsold)and further along

How Did the Diagnostic Process Work?

we had our dr refer us to dhmc(dartmouthhitchcock)

They were very good compassionate, empathy, cared. Refered us to the Family Place in Norwich Vt. Met with mother with autistic son, helped us get started.


  • be a informed parent
  • learn everything, read, internet,about Autism
  • if info sounds to good to be true or way out there... it is
  • know one size fits all, combine different practices,therapies to meet your childs CHANGEING Needs
  • Be adaptable, flexiable
  • Know this your child can and will learn if given the time, support
  • effort, love
  • early intensive intervention, education works best(i think)
  • Treat the autism not the child
  • do not let the autism rule familys life, give yourchild the tools, skills to cope and adjust to the world we live in
  • but honor,value his life and the world he is in

What Our Diagnostician Recommended


have high expectations

dont let any one marginalize them

dont let the autism to get in they way of your child growing to be the best person he can be

Trust Me its not anyones fault,

How We Found the Resources We Needed

Internet, books, local agenices

What We Would Do Differently

Nothing, maybe if we had known mike would be born with autism,we would have moved to a larger town, state with more resources, neighborhoods, people, neighbors.

last Dave

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