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Autism 101

Autism Spectrum Disorders can be mild or profound, and may include a surprising range of symptoms, quirks, talents and abilities. Learn more about autism -- from the early signs to diagnosis, prognosis, and important first steps.
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What's the Best Way to Address Controversial Autism Topics?
It seems that everyone has an opinion about autism. What's the best way to manage talking about controversial autism topics? These tips will prepare you.

What Are the Autism Spectrum Disorders?
The way the media presents it, you'd think that autism is autism. But not so. In fact, "autism" is actually a collection of diagnoses, each a little different from the others. At its most severe, autism is sometimes termed "classic autism." But what are the other autism spectrum diagnoses?

What Are the Autism Spectrum Disorders?
The way the media presents it, you'd think that autism is autism. But not so. In fact, "autism" is actually a collection of diagnoses, each a little different from the others. At its most severe, autism is sometimes termed "classic autism." But what are the other autism spectrum diagnoses?

How to Spot Misleading Media Stories About Autism
Another story in the paper about curing autism! Could this one be true? Here are some tips for spotting misleading media stories about autism.

Top Autism Myths
If you're new to the autism spectrum, you may have built your picture of autism from media stories. But it's important not to believe everything you see or hear!

What Does It Cost to Raise a Child with Autism?
What does it cost to raise a child with autism? The media may be misleading you.

Top Ten Autism Sites
There's an incredible glut of information about autism available on the web. Some is outstanding; some is ... not so outstanding. These top ten sites are reliable resources that offer solid information, useful advice, and fascinating insights into the world of autism.

Autism Information You Need to Know - Top Ten Autism Facts
Autism is a complex topic - but what are the MOST important things to know about autism? This quick top 10 article includes the most imortant autism facts, plus links to learn more. Share it with your mom, your child's teacher, or anyone else who asks "What is autism, anyway?"

Autism Coverage from About.com’s Pediatrics Guide
This article covers the basics and much more. Be sure to read the case descriptions, quotes from adults with autism, and information about treatment and prognosis.

Don't Worry - These Things Do NOT Cause Autism!
As parents hear more and more about autism in the news, they worry that anything they do (or don't do) could cause the disorder. In fact, while there is debate about what causes autism, it's clear that many things cannot cause autism.

Rett Syndrome Resources
Rett Syndrome is a genetically-based autism spectrum disorder which affects almost only girls. It's uncommon ...

Fragile X Resources
Fragile X is a known cause of autism, and about 5% of autism diagnoses can be traced to fragile X. Looked at another way, about one third of people with fragile X are also autistic. Fragile X is a genetic mutation that can result in symptoms that look very similar to autism (hand biting, flapping, social anxiety), but most people with...

Bio: Guest Reviewer Kim Wombles
Meet guest reviewer Kim Wombles.

Myths and Truths About Autism and Communication
For children with autism, communication is critical concern. There's plenty of information on the Internet about autism and communication, but not all of it is accurate. Find out more about the myths and truths of autism and communication.

Autism 2011 - What Are Your Autism-Related Resolutions for 2011?
What are your autism-related resolutions for the year 2011?

Top Autism News Stories of 2010
This year, as every year, there was plenty of autism news. There plenty of news stories about vaccines and the celebrities who believe (or don't believe) in an autism-vaccine connection. There were celebrity stories and events. There were research findings. And there were a couple of sad losses to the autism community. These are my top...

Autism News - What Were the Top Autism News Stories of 2010?
What were the top autism news stories of 2010? Add your top picks.

Guest Reviewer Kristina Chew
Meet Kristina Chew, Professor of Classics, autism blogger extraordinaire, and guest reviewer for Autism at About.com

Surprising Autism Information You Need to Know
Autism information is everywhere - and often you'll read the same content in multiple sites. You'll be surprised, though, to discover some of these tidbits of autism information that are rarely publicized.

8 Misconceptions About Autism

Why Autistic Children Aren't "Just Like Everyone Else"
Children with autism aren't just a little delayed. They really are different from their typically developing peers. Help your friends understand why that matters.

Getting Real About a Cure for Autism
If you've spent 10 minutes online searching for information about autism, you'd probably seen many ads for and articles about cures. But curing autism isn't as simple as it sounds. Here's why.

Is Autism a Disease?
Is autism a disease? The answer is far from clear.

9 Ways to Lower the Cost of Autism
Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on autism-related products and services by following these simple strategies.

How Wide Is the Autism Spectrum?
How different are people with autism from one another? About as different as night and day. And that's one reason it's so tough to provide the right settings and services for people with autism spectrum diagnoses.

6 Keys to Communicating with People on the Autism Spectrum
Communication is a problem for most people on the autism spectrum. Here are six tips for communicating effectively and respectively.

Exploring Autism-Related Career Options
Talk about a growing field! The number of people with autism diagnoses has exploded, as have opportunities in the field.

What's So Confusing About Autism?
It's not easy to come up with an "elevator speech" to describe autism. Here's why (an what to do about that).

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