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Positive Living with Autism

Autism is more than a challenge: it can be an invitation to a world of friends, opportunities, insights and discoveries. Learn more about the autism community, autistic strengths, and programs, supports, and inspiration to inspire positive living with autism.
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What's Wrong With Our Son? Part One of My Memoir
What's it like to love and raise a child on the autism spectrum? Every child with autism is unique, and so every story is different. This is the first in a series about our personal experiences with our son, Tom.

Terrific Traits of Autistic People
There's plenty written about the deficits of people on the autism spectrum. It's time to celebrate some of the best qualities of folks with autism. Here are ten top strengths of people living on the spectrum.

Autistic Child - What Have You Learned from Your Autistic Child?
What have you learned from your autistic child? Are you slower to judge? More patient? Or have you learned something about yourself or the world?

Q&A with William Stillman, Author of Autism and the God Connection
Bill Stillman's book, Autism and the God Connection, has received a good deal of interest from About.com readers. Many felt that Bill's approach to autism and spirituality struck a note with their own experience. Here, Bill answers questions about his ideas and his writing.

Thanks to Children with Autism
In 2006, I asked families to tell me what's best about their child with autism. Here are just a few of their responses. None of these families sees autism through rose-colored glasses - yet each has a sense that autism has added to their appreciation of life.

Share Autism Resources with the Autism Community
Share your autism resources, tips, opinions and insights with the autism community.

How to Start a Sports Program for Kids with Autism
Here are tips for creating a successful sports program for kids on the autism spectrum.

How to Choose Activities That Will Last Your Child a Lifetime
Here are tips on how to select recreational and community activities that your child can enjoy and build on for a lifetime.

New Years Resolutions for Members of the Autism Community
The New Year is a great time to resolve to start healing the autism community.

6 Ways to Enjoy Being an Autism Parent
It can be challenging to find the joy in autism parenting. Here are some tips to help you make the leap.

Is Your Autistic Child's Inclusive Program Really Inclusive?
When is an "inclusive" program not inclusive? When it keeps children with autism at arm's length, or in a "special" setting. Find out whether your child's experiences are as inclusive as they seem to be.

Stop Learning About Autism!
Yes, it is possible to learn too much about autism. To avoid burnout, take these suggestions!

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