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Resources for Coping with Stress, Guilt and Frustration

Parenting a child with autism is complex, exhausting, and often isolating. It can also be exciting and joyful! Find support and resources to help you help your child.

Coping: Depression and Mothers of Children with Autism
If you're the mother of a child with autism, you're almost certainly under significant stress. And studies show you may even be at risk of depression.

Coping with the Stress of Autism: When to Find Professional Help
Parenting a child with autism is stressful. But when is the stress too much? This article, featuring advice from Robert Naseef, Ph.D., helps parents assess when they might need professional help in coping with the stress that autism brings.

Snappy Answers to Annoying Questions
If you have a child on the autism spectrum then you hear those annoying comments every day. He can't be autistic because... If you'd only provide more structure she'd be fine... Here are some snappy comebacks to some of the most common remarks!

Tips for Handling Guilt
If you have a child on the autism spectrum, you're probably coping with guilt. You should do more, be more, spend more, learn more. But then again, maybe it's ok to be gentler with yourself!

What If...? Getting Past Blame and Worry to Help Your Autistic Child
Nothing is more debilitating for the parent of a child with autism than self-blame and worry. "What ifs" can can damage marriages, overwhelm emotions, and -- in the long run -- sour your relationship with your child. Here are some thoughts on how to get over the what ifs.

Before You Drive Yourself Crazy Over an Autism Diagnosis
Before you drive yourself crazy over child's autism diagnosis, take a deep breath. Then read this article. You're probably doing most things right already - and there's nothing that you can't try tomorrow.

How Journaling Can Help When You're Coping with Autism
If support groups don't work for you, journaling may be a wonderful outlet - and a great way to figure out what you're really feeling about a child's autism diagnosis. Psychologist Robert Naseef offers ideas on how to use journaling to manage your feelings as you cope with an autism diagnosis.

autism advice - How Do You Handle Unwanted Autism Advice?
You get a call from your mom, your friend, your sister, your mother-in-law, and they've just been watching a talk show. It seems there's a new cure, cause, treatment or school for kids with autism, and it's miraculous. You have to look into it - NOW - and report back to them ASAP! What do you do - and how well does it work?

Are You to Blame for Your Child's Autism?
Did your actions cause your child's autism? Plenty of parents are plagued with this idea, but is it likely?

What Really Stresses Parents of Autistic Kids?
Yes, autism is stressful for parents. But no -- most of the time the top stressor is NOT the child with autism!

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