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Toilet Train Your Child with Autism

An expert shares a step-by-step method to toilet train children with autism.

Overcoming Feeding Problems in a Child with Autism

What does it take to get a child with autism to eat more than one or two favored items? Here's a step-by-step guide for parents of autistic children.

What to Do After the Autism Diagnosis

An autism diagnosis can be devastating. Here's a step-by-step guide to helping your child and yourself.

Teach Your Child with Autism to Use Playground Equipment

How do you use a swing? What are the rules of using a seesaw? Here are three free posters that provide clear, visual, step-by-step instructions to preschoolers and early elementary students with autism and developmental delays.

Visual Tools for Teaching Soccer to Children with Autism

Use these step-by-step photo posters from Explorations Unlimited LLC to help children with autism learn basic soccer skills.

Get the Best Behavioral Therapy for Your Child with Autism

Most doctors and many schools recommend behavioral therapy for children with autism. But not all behavioral therapists are created equal. How can you tell whether a therapist is doing a good job, and how can you improve the situation if they're not?

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