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Financial Resources for Parents with Autistic Children

What does Social Security offer to families and individuals with disabilities? How can I ensure my child's financial future? Find financial resources for families living with autism.
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Autistic Adults - How to Plan for Your Autistic Child's Adult Life
Can you offer ideas for planning your autistic child's future?

Tips to Help You Plan for Your Autistic Child's Future
Once your autistic child reaches the age of 21, many support systems disappear. Your "child" is no longer a minor, yet in many cases, autistic adults have as many needs as autistic children. Here are hints and tips for preparing for your adult child's needs -- now, and after you're gone.

Grants for Families Living with Autism
Many families wonder whether they can write a grant proposal and receive funds to help them manage the financial challenges that come with an autism spectrum diagnosis. The good news is that there are such grants; the bad news is that most are very small (less than $500) - and all are very competitive. What's more, many will only pay for specific medical expenses, and send the funds directly to …

Get Your Child's Autism Treatments Covered By Health Insurance
Will your health insurance cover the cost of treatments for autism? Often the answer is yes - even when it appears to be no. Here are some tricks of the health insurance industry that may lower your costs

33 Questions About Social Security and Disabilities
Got questions about Social Security for adults with disabilities? Get them answered in these articles from the About.com Guide to Arthritis!

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