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Managing Feelings About Your Child's Autism

If you have a child on the autism spectrum, chances are you're sometimes overwhelmed with emotions ranging from grief to anger. For some parents, those feelings can become an obstacle to moving forward. These resources may help you acknowledge and manage feelings of grief and anger - and move forward in a positive manner!

Autism and Depression: How Do You Cope?
For parents with a child diagnosed with autism, depression is common. Depression can be the result of guilt, exhaustion, isolation, financial issues, or even despair. Are you a parent who has coped with depression related to a child's autism? What set off your depression? How did you cope?

Coping: Depression and Mothers of Children with Autism
If you're the mother of a child with autism, you're almost certainly under significant stress. And studies show you may even be at risk of depression.

Eight Signs That You’re a Terrific Autism Parent
When you have a child with autism, it's easy to feel that you've done something wrong. Of course, it's always possible that you've made mistakes: most of us have! But it's also possible that you're a terrific autism parent.

Don't Become an Autism Martyr
When you let autism consume your life, your risking more than a tension headache. Find out why it's so important to avoid becoming an autism martyr.

How Can I Manage My Feelings About My Child with Autism?
For parents, having a child with autism may mean anger and frustration; exhaustion; even guilt. Even knowing that the child is not to blame, it can be terribly difficult to be consistently supportive and loving toward a child who doesn't respond. Drs. Bob Naseef and Cindy Ariel respond with compassion and insight to a couples' fears that they...

Is It OK To Grieve When a Child Is Diagnosed with Autism?
Many parents imagine their child before he's even born. Few imagine a child with disabilities. Is it ok to grieve when a child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder? Drs. Cindy Ariel and Robert Naseef offer their advice and insights.

Is It Possible to Do Too Much Research About Autism?
A reader wonders whether his wife has become too obsessed with researching autism treatments for their son. Drs. Robert Naseef and Cindy Ariel, family psychologists with a focus on special needs, offer their advice and insights.

How Can I Overcome My Grief and Anger About My Child's Autism?
For many parents, the grief and anger over having a child with autism doesn't fade or disappear quickly. With each new milestone, it can resurface. Drs. Robert Naseef and Cindy Ariel have a son with severe autism, and offer personal insights and advice to help parents regain a sense of joy in what life now has to offer.

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