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Toilet Train Your Child with Autism


Updated November 18, 2009

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Focus on Bowel Movements
Many children will have relatively little problem with urination, but seem reluctant to poop in the toilet. Many reasons can explain this, says Dr. Kroeger.
    "If there is a problem, we look at why. It may be constipation, or it may be that the child doesn't like the splash that occurs when a bowel movement hits the water. If that's the problem, we work slowly to desensitize."
Dr. Kroeger also offers tips for managing toilet teaching when your child wants to poop only in a diaper. The key to success, she explains, is taking the process step by step.
  • First, figure out when your child is going to poop, and have him poop in the diaper - in the bathroom.
  • Slowly, fade to having him poop into the diaper - on the toilet.
  • Next, have him pull his pants down before sitting on the toilet.
  • Last of all, have him sit on the toilet with diaper off.
These steps may take a long time, and you may need to break them down further and further. The key to success, however, is making it possible for your child to succeed and earn that motivating prize.
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