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Read reviews of books about autism spectrum disorders and all aspects of life on the autism spectrum.
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Book Review: The Autism Book by Robert Sears
Robert W. Sears MD has written a comprehensive guide to autism spectrum disorders entitled "The Autism Book: What Every Parent Needs to Know About Early Detection, Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention."

Book Review: Making Sense of Autism Spectrum Disorders by Jam…
This top-notch book provides an outstanding introduction to autism spectrum disorders. Highly recommended for the "advanced beginner" who is ready to dig into autism's history, causes, treatments and prospects.

Top Autism Resources

Drawing Autism by Jill Mullin
This wonderful full-color picture book is filled with the artwork of individuals with autism whose talent shines through every page.

Book Review: Autism Spectrum Disorders The First Year by Nancy Wiseman
Autism Spectrum Disorders The First Year by Nancy Wiseman is a very complete guide to managing your child's diagnosis, treatment, records and more. A bit overwhelming for those first few months, but contains a huge collection of information.

Book Review: Empowered Autism Parenting by William Stillman
Autism parenting isn't easy. Empowered Autism Parenting by William Stillman brings a new twist to the process.

Book Review: Autism Life Skills by Chantal Sicile-Kira
What are autism life skills? From communication and safety to self esteem and social relationships, Chantal Sicile-Kira's Autism Life Skills covers a wide range of subjects, citing the experts: adults with autism.

Book Review: Warrior Mothers by Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy has written a second book about autism entitled Warrior Mothers. It's largely a collection of essays by parents of children with autism who "fought like warrior mothers" to "recover" their children through biomedical treatments.

Autism Book Review: A Child’s Journey Out of Autism by Leeann Whiffen
This very literate memoir is a book about one woman's single-minded struggle to find the cure for her son's autism. Whether Whiffen's approach works for other families is up to the reader to decide.

Autism Book Review: Unraveling the Mystery of Autism
Karyn Seroussi's "Unraveling the Mystery of of Autism" is a combination of a memoir, a guidebook, and an impassioned polemic against the "beast" that is autism.

Book Review: "Three Times the Love" by Lynn and Randy Gaston
"Three Times the Love" is a book about a family coping with autism in triplets. It's a memoir and guidebook combined, offering specific information about treatments while also telling a personal story that's still in process.

What Do Sensory Integration Therapists Do For Children with Autism?
What Do Sensory Integration therapists do for children with autism? How do Sensory Integration therapists evaluate autistic children? What does a typical Sensory Integration session look like?

Review: Autism's False Prophets by Paul Offit, MD
Autism's False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine and the Search for the Cure, by Paul Offit, is a well-written condemnation of those who support a connection between autism and vaccines. It's also a historical review of the controversy and its players.

Book Review: Does Your Baby Have Autism? by Philip and Osnat Teitelbaum
The book Does Your Baby Have Autism? by Philip and Osnat Teitelbaum is a handbook for parents concerned about their infant's development. This unique book may be the start of a new approach to early diagnosis - or it may just be another source of anxiety for parents.

Book Review: The Soul of Autism by William Stillman
Do people with autism have a special connection to the divine or the paranormal? William Stillman, an adult with Asperger syndrome, is convinced that the answer is "yes." He may well convince you, too.

Book Review: The Science and Fiction of Autism
The Science and Fiction of Autism, by Dr. Laura Schreibman, is intended to provide parents and other interested lay people with unbiased, non-technical information about autism. Written by a behaviorist with an academic background, it takes a particular perspective, but does a great job elucidating some complex issues.

Autism Heroes by Barbara Firestone, PhD
Barbara Firestone, PhD, runs an organization called The Help Group, which serves families living with autism. Autism Heroes is a collection of stories of individual parents of children with autism.

Book Review: Louder Than Words by Jenny McCarthy
Louder Than Words relates actress/model Jenny McCarthy's experiences in battling her son's autism. Jenny writes well - and the book is by turns fun, scary, and emotionally draining.

Book Review: Strange Son by Portia Iversen
Portia Iversen is a writer, the co-founder of Cure Autism Now, and the mother of a son with severe autism. In her book Strange Son, she describes the process by which she discovers a method for communicating with her son - and, perhaps, with other autistic people.

Book Review: Unstrange Minds, Remapping the World of Autism
"Unstrange Minds, Remapping the World of Autism," by Roy Richard Grinker, is a combination of memoir and informal study, both focused on the phenomenon of autism. The main point of the book is a controversial statement that autism is NOT, after all, on the rise; instead, rising rates indicate cultural changes.

Making Peace with Autism
Making Peace with Autism, a memoir/guidebook about autism by Susan Senator, is now available in paperback. The book is aptly subtitled "One Family's Story of Struggle, Discovery and Unexpected Gifts."

Understanding Autism for Dummies
Stephen Shore and Linda Rastelli have written "Understanding Autism for Dummies" -- an unfortunate title for a terrific book!

Autism Spectrum Disorders from A to Z (English and Spanish versions)
This book, by sisters Barbar Doyle and Emily Doyle Iland, is a simply-written, comprehensive introduction to autism spectrum disorders, their diagnosis, and the impact diagnosis may have on families. Just recently, this book was translated into Spanish -- and it is probably the most complete Spanish-language guide available.

Book Review: Not Even Wrong: Adventures in Autism
Collins is the father of a child with autism, but this isn't a standard diagnosis-struggle-triumph memoir. Interspersed with scenes of his son, Morgan, is the author's research on autistic figures from the past, especially an 18th-century "wild boy." It's a fascinating mix of relatability and research.

Book Review: Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum
If there's ever a time in a child's life when parents need a guidebook, it's adolescence. Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum offers a friendly, non-alarmist look at the extra issues teens with ASD bring to this challenging life phase

Ten Things Autistic Children and Students Wish You Knew
Ellen Notbohm is now the author of two "ten things" books. The first, Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew, has already drawn acclaim. Ten Things Your Student with Autism Wishes You Knew is a new offering.

Book Review Autism: Asserting Your Child's Right to Special Education
Regardless of whether your child has autism or another disability requiring special education, this useful handbook provides significant legal advice and information to help you take on the school district, or maybe avoid a confrontation altogether. Knowing your rights and options is a good start.

Book Review: A Slant of Sun
A personal parenting memoir, this particular mother-and-boy story starts at his birth and runs through the onset of elementary school, with a PDD diagnosis, a search for appropriate services, much soul-searching, a million little toy cars, and a really eccentric green hat along the way.

Book Review: Elijah's Cup
Like many a special-needs mothering memoir before it, this is as much about the emotional journey of the parent as the developmental journey of the child, but it has a refreshing take on autism as something to be considered and celebrated rather than cured, and there are interesting characters to meet along the way.

Book Review: Voices from the Spectrum
Voices from the Spectrum is a collection of stories and essays by people whose lives have been changed by autism. Edited by Drs. Robert Naseef and Cindy Ariel, it explores life, love and hope on the autism spectrum.

Book Review: Send in the Idiots
Send in the Idiots, a new novel by Kamran Nazeer, examines the lives of autistic adults twenty years after their shared days in a specialized preschool. Guest review Marisol Villamil shares her insights.

Autism and The God Connection
William Stillman is an adult with Asperger Syndrome, an autism activist and an author. In this book, he tackles the question of whether individuals on the autism spectrum may have a closer connection than most to things spiritual.

Book Review: Autism and Asperger Syndrome: The Facts by Simon…
"Autism and Asperger Syndrome: The Facts" by Simon Baron Cohen is a slim, informative volume written by a well-respected by controversial researcher in the United Kingdom.

Book Review of "All I Can Handle" by Kim Stagliano
Kim Stagliano, author of "All I Can Handle," is a well-known autism blogger and the mother of three children on the autism spectrum. Her experiences may resonate with many autism parents who are struggling to stay positive and continue to fight for their children's needs and rights.

"Neurodiversity" by Thomas Armstrong
"Neurodiversity" by Thomas Armstrong explores the idea that neurological challenges such as autism, ADHD and depression may also bring significant gifts.

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