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Autism Specialists 101

Wondering what exactly all these doctors and therapists do for a living -- and how they might help you or your loved one on the autism spectrum? Here are quick fact sheets to get you started.

Psychology as a Treatment for Autism
Is psychotherapy provided by a qualified psychologist helpful for people with autism? Find out more about psychology and autism.

Art Therapy for Autism
Art therapy is a solidly established treatment for many disorders. Find out how it can be helpful for people on the autism spectrum.

Music Therapy for Autism
Music therapy is a well-established method for working with people on the autism spectrum. Is music therapy right for your child with autism?

What Is an Autism Therapist?
A therapist should be able to help your child with autism to develop new skills and abilities. But what is an autism therapist?

How to Find a Great Speech Therapist - Speech Therapy and Autism
Not all speech therapists are created equal when it comes to treating autism. How do you know your child's therapist is the right choice?

Behavior Specialists and Autism: The Basics
When a person with autism displays challenging or violent behaviors, a behavior specialist may be recommended. What is a behavior specialist, what do they do, and where do you find one? Get the basics.

Play Therapy and Autism: The Basics
If you're a parent with a child on the autism spectrum, you've probably heard of something called "play therapy." Play therapy is a generic term for an approach that helps build social, communication and thinking skills. But what are play therapists? What do they do? How do you find one? Get the basics here.

Developmental Pediatrics and Autism: The Basics
If you have a child who is or may be diagnosable on the autism spectrum, you may be referred to a "developmental pediatrician." Learn more about these specialists: who they are, what they do, and how they can help your child with autism.

Physical Therapy and Autism: The Basics
What does physical therapy have to do with autism? How can a person with autism benefit from physical therapy? Check out this quick overview on physical therapy and autism.

Social Skills Therapy and Autism: The Basics
Social Skills therapy is often offered to children and adults on the autism spectrum. What is a social skills therapist? What do they do for people with autism? Get the facts in this quick overview.

Occupational Therapy and Autism: The Basics
What exactly is an Occupational Therapist, and how might he or she work with a person on the autism spectrum? This overview article covers the basics.

Speech-Language Therapy and Autism: The Basics
What is a speech-language therapist? How does a speech-language therapist work with an autistic person? Where do you find a speech-language therapist? Get a quick overview.

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