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Reviews of Autism-Related Websites

There are a million and one websites about autism. Which are the good ones? Find out here!

Review - The Autism Speaks Autism Safety Project
The Autism Speaks Autism Safety Project is an online resource guide for first responders and authorities likely to interact with individuals with autism.

Review: Autism Speaks' School Community Tool Kit
Autism Speaks' School Community Tool Kit is an online resource for parents. Created with noted experts in school inclusion, it's a practical guide to managing your child's experience in the public schools.

Trade Autism Products at the AutismFreeZone
If you're looking save money on autism products or for online autism resources, check out AutismFreeZone, a free autism website. Designed like Craigslist, the community of parents with autistic children can trade or receive autism products which is a great way to cut costs.

Website Review: FAQAutism.com
FAQAutism.com, created by music therapist Cathy Knoll, is a collection of short podcasts and resources for parents of children on the autism spectrum. Have a question? The site may well have an answer.

Website Review: Child-Autism-Parent-Cafe.com
This is a rich, high-quality, well-written website specifically intended for African American families with members on the autism spectrum. While its founder was thinking of African Americans when she created the site, anyone with a child on the spectrum will find outstanding resources here.

Autism Resource: Strangeson.com Website
"Pointing" is a method of communication developed to help non-verbal people with autism to connect with others. Author Portia Iversen wrote a book, "Strange Son," to describe the process by which her son gained the ability to communicate through pointing to letters on a board. Her website is a tool for parents interested in the approach.

Web Review: Autism Speaks Video Glossary
Autism Speaks and two other organizations have launched an "autism video glossary." This free, online resource includes video and text showing and describing autistic features, deficits and issues. The site also includes parent reflections on autism.

Top Ten Autism Sites
There's an incredible glut of information about autism available on the web. Some is outstanding; some is ... not so outstanding. These top ten sites are reliable resources that offer solid information, useful advice, and fascinating insights into the world of autism.

Best Sites for Free, Low-Cost Communication Pictures
Are you using pictures to communicate with a person on the autism spectrum? Whether you're working with a PECS (Picture Exchange Card System) consultant, creating visual schedules, or using pictures to plan special events, you'll need great images. Here are some great resources!

Life Journey Through Autism - Free Downloadable Autism Resources
The Organization for Autism Research (OAR) has created a set of four booklets for parents, educators and self-advocates coping with autism. They offer terrific, actionable resources on education, research, and managing transition to adulthood.

Review of Healing Thresholds Autism Website
Looking for an autism resource that really digs into the science behind autism research? Healing Thresholds offers all that and more.

Rethink Autism: An ABA Website for Autism Therapy
Rethink Autism is a website that provides parents and providers with all they need to get started with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a popular and well-regarded therapy for autism.

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