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Life Journey Through Autism - Free Downloadable Autism Resources

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Updated May 02, 2007

The Bottom Line

This is a set of four FREE downloadable publications from the Organization for Autism Research. They're a rare find because they cut straight to meat of tough topics such as Transition to Adulthood (including resources on housing and jobs) and A Parent's Guide to Research (including information on how to read and make sense of technical studies).


  • Available online as downloads
  • Offers usable information, resources
  • Addresses research, transition to adulthood
  • Useful for parents, teachers, AND self-advocates


  • Can be somewhat technical


  • Four free downloadable pamphlets
  • Include information, resources, worksheets, more.
  • Intended for parents, teachers, self-advocates.
  • Loaded with useful, actionable content.
  • Did I mention they're free?

Guide Review - Life Journey Through Autism - Free Downloadable Autism Resources

If you have a child, teen, or young adult on the autism spectrum (or are autistic yourself), you will absolutely want to print out copies of at least one (if not all ) of these top-notch publications:
  • A Guide for Transition to Adulthood
  • An Educator's Guide to Autism
  • An Educator's Guide to Asperger Syndrome
  • A Parent's Guide to Research
What's so great about these little booklets? They are collections of useful, actionable information for parents, teachers, and self-advocates. For example, parents and self-advocates reading A Guide for Transition to Adulthood will be thrilled to find an appendix on page 58 which clearly explains which federal agencies can or must provide services in such critical areas as job training, employment support and residential living services.

The Parent's Guide to Research is a thorough presentation of where to find research, how to read it, and what to do about it. It's tough for those with relatively little science background, but for those interested in following and keeping up to date with new findings, it's a terrific resource.

Both of the teacher manuals are solid resources with their best quality being their brevity. Unlike most "how-to" books, they cut straight to the chase, offering useful information, actionable tools, and a range of educational and social/communication skill-building resources. They are a great resource for schools and an even better resource for parents working toward a better educational experience for their child with autism.

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