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Autism in Children, Teens and Adults


Autism changes everything. It changes the way parents view their child, and sometimes each other. It changes the way a child is educated, fed, socialized and disciplined. It may even change the way a family manages work, money, and extended family relationships.

As children grow up, new issues emerge. How do you teach an autistic teen to be "cool?" What about college? Jobs? Relationships?

Adults with autism have their own challenges: finding meaningful work, managing difficult sensory issues, and considering marriage.

Discover resources for a full life on the autism spectrum!

  1. Coping with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis
  2. How to Enjoy Your Child with Autism
  3. Autism and Family Matters
  4. Growing Up On the Autism Spectrum
  5. Education and Autism

Coping with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis

Parents are often overwhelmed by a child's autism spectrum diagnosis. Some parents experience grief; others are overcome by guilt; and still others are angry -- or determined to cure their child no matter what it takes. If you're coping with a new diagnosis, you're not alone -- and your feelings are perfectly understandable.

How to Enjoy Your Child with Autism

It's important for parents with autistic children to know they are not alone, and that it's ok to let their feelings out. Here are some resources for parents who are worried, stressed out and otherwise in need of a reason to smile.

Autism and Family Matters

Sooner or later, autism will have an impact on your family. Whether you're coping with a mother-in-law's judgment or a spouse's Asperger's syndrome, you'll probably need some advice and insight.

Growing Up On the Autism Spectrum

As autistic children grow, they enter school -- and the special education maze. Behavior, education and socialization skills may take priority in parents' minds. Autistic teens face unique social and communication challenges, and parents must take the leading in helping to shape educational and career choices.

As adults, people with autism must make their own choices, and it's not always easy.

Explore some resources for meeting autism's challenges through the lifespan.

Education and Autism

From preschool to college and beyond, education is a complex issue for people on the autism spectrum. Here are resources, ideas and information to help you manage the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities.

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