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Vaccines Causing Autism Controversy Examination - About.com
Nearly all of the leading health organizations including the CDC and the NIH say that there is no relationship between vaccines and autism. Yet many parents ...
Vaccines and Autism - Should Parents Skip Vaccines to Avoid Autism
Should parents skip vaccines to avoid autism? With all the media hype around this issue, many parents are considering the alternatives. There are some options  ...
Do You Believe Vaccines Cause Autism? - About.com
Apr 9, 2011 ... Despite assurances from a huge majority of the research and medical communities, many people believe that vaccines are a major cause of ...
Vaccination and Autism Claims and Controversy
Many people thought that would be the end of the vaccination and autism controversy. Of course, it wasn't. There are too many conspiracy theories about Big ...
Do Vaccines Cause Autism?
About.com's Autism and Pediatrics sites have good discussions of the scientific evidence against an autism-vaccine link. Here, we'll look at the reasons this ...
Vaccines And Autism - Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism - Heart Disease
May 12, 2013 ... There no objective evidence that vaccines produce autism.
Autism Vaccines - Mercury and Autism Vaccines - About.com
In the world of autism, vaccines have been a hot topic of conversation. Thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative that was used in many vaccines between the ...
New to Autism - Autism - Autism Spectrum Disorders - About.com
A new diagnosis of autism can be overwhelming. Here are tools, insights, ideas and resources to manage those first few days, weeks and months of life on the ...
What Causes Autism?
Two theories link autism and vaccines. The first theory suggests that the MMR ( Mumps-Measles-Rubella) vaccine may cause intestinal problems leading to the ...
Autism and Vaccines: a Q&A with Dr. Paul Offit - About.com
Jan 23, 2014 ... Why the Concerns Over Autism and Vaccines?: The idea that an epidemic rise in autism is caused by vaccines has been torpedoed over and ...
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