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Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders
As of now, there is no agreement on the causes of autism. There is, however, a great deal of new research on the subject. Scientists are finding surprising new ...
What Causes Autism? - Autism Spectrum Disorders - About.com
Feb 8, 2006 ... As you explore the question of "what causes autism," you are likely to come across many individuals who are absolutely certain they know the ...
Autism and the Brain - Autism - Brain - Causes of Autism
Over the past few years, a number of studies have been published linking differences in brain structure and function to autism spectrum disorders.
Is Autism Caused By Difference in the Brain? - Causes of Autism
Researchers are discovering a wide range of structural and chemical differences in the brains of people with autism. Are these differences simply associated ...
Causes of Autism: Recent Findings (Updated August 2006)
May 17, 2006 ... What causes autism? Recent research has turned up new information about genetics, brain structure, environmental issues and more.
Don't Worry, These Things Do NOT Cause Autism!
Jun 1, 2008 ... As parents hear more and more about autism in the news, they worry ... In fact, while there is debate about what causes autism, it's clear that ...
Is Autism a Genetic Disorder? - Autism and Genetics - Causes of ...
There seems no doubt that genetics - in some form - plays a role in the development of autism. But just what role does genetics play, and how can we know ...
Autism Genetic - Is Autism Genetic? - Autism Spectrum Disorders
Even more confusing, many researchers believe that different autistic people can trace their autism to different causes. That's because, as a "spectrum disorder," ...
Welcome to the About.com Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders
Resources, information, ideas, and support for the autism community. ... Causes of Autism: Recent Findings. Our Autism Spectrum Disorders Expert. Lisa Jo ...
Can You Catch or Acquire Autism? - Autism Spectrum Disorders
Feb 17, 2014 ... Acquired autistic symptoms are caused, not by a genetic anomaly or inherited difference, but by something that happens to a child either before ...
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