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Support for Parents of Children with Autism
Parents of autistic children and adults cope with issues ranging from guilt and frustration to financial issues, isolation, and sheer loneliness. You are not alone ...
Why Is Autism Stressful for Parents? - Autism Spectrum Disorders
Jun 22, 2010 ... The researchers suggest that the "special" issue involved with autism relates to " autistic behaviors," which can really send parents over the ...
Helping Mothers of Autistic Children Cope with Depression
Parents receiving a diagnosis of autism are also coping with the loss of many of their expectations of parenthood. At the same time, they are losing out on the ...
Advice to Autism Parents from an Emergency 911 Responder
The next step, and equally important, is teaching parents and caregivers how to handle an emergency situation involving their family member with autism when ...
New to Autism - Especially for Parents New to Autism
Hints, tips, resources and support especially for parents concerned about or recently receiving a diagnosis of autism for their child.
Managing Feelings About Your Child's Autism - Grief and Autism ...
If you have a child on the autism spectrum, chances are you're sometimes overwhelmed with emotions ranging from grief to anger. For some parents, those  ...
Support and Ideas for Parents of Children with Autism
Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or exhausted because you're the parent of a child with autism? Here are ideas, editorials, support, and some tools for staying  ...
Tips for Parents New to Autism - Parenting a Child with Autism - New ...
Now that you know your child is autistic, you may be feeling isolated, scared, or just plain baffled. If so, you're not alone -- other parents have "been there and ...
Autism Parent - What's It Like to Be an Autism Parent?
Apr 9, 2011 ... Autism parents are an outspoken group. If you're an autism parent, you probably have plenty to share about your experiences - and about the ...
Why Is Autism Stressful for Parents? - Autism Spectrum Disorders
May 25, 2014 ... Yes, autism is stressful for parents. But no -- most of the time the top stressor is NOT the child with autism!
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