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Dr. Paul Offit to Appear on Stephen Colbert's "Colbert Report"

By January 30, 2011

UPDATE:  I just learned that most of the responses to this poll come from just one blog: Pharyngula, created by PZ Myers.  So no, the responses are NOT the work of a bot, but rather the combined efforts of an actual group of humans!  At the same time, since numbers on the other side of the poll are also rising, I assume that others in the blogosphere are getting involved.  I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the Colbert Report tonight!  Lisa Jo

Dr. Paul Offit is an immunologist whose books, articles and media appearances have placed him at the center of the autism-vaccine controversy.  Offit has argued for years that vaccines have no relationship to the rise in autism spectrum diagnoses, and his point of view has earned him avid supporters as well as death threats. On Monday night, he will appear on Stephen Colbert's tongue-in-cheek "news" comedy, The Colbert Report  to speak about his new book, "Deadly Choices: How The Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All".  The show will air on Comedy Central, January 31st at 11:30 EST (the interview will take place toward the end of the program).

Should be an interesting show.

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